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Creative Life 創作筆記

advent calendar in progress

Anais Lee

I have to admit, it is hard to keep up with this daily project. I am a few days behind but I'd like to show you what I've created so far. It's a good exercise for me and helps me to work/draw faster. I also experimented some techniques.

Which day is your favorite? 

If you are interested in following along, please check out my Facebook Page, or visit my website. I will update both pages whenever I get a new one done.





countdown to christmas - day 1

Anais Lee

It's December, my favorite season in New York(other than Fall)! I am doing an advent calendar challenge this month. Will post a Christmas image a day until December 25th. Here is it for day one. 



It's time to order holiday cards

Anais Lee

I can't believe it's October already! This year seems passing very fast. I am glad to say that it is probably because I have been so busy! I have accomplished a lot, and have made a several licensing deals. I will share them once they are ready for sale. 

I got two holiday cards are hitting the shelves this Fall. One is for Trader Joe's, one is for Minted. The Minted card is already for sale. It has three color options, can be personalized on the front and back. I've got some sales today! So happy!

If you'd also like to order my cards for your family and friends, please visit my Minted shop here.

Image from Minted.com

Image from Minted.com

Image from Minted.com

Image from Minted.com

red anjou

Anais Lee

Practiced more with gouache. I was not happy with this painting at all. Feeling failed.

I need to eat some pears to make myself feel better. Or maybe I should get a big cupcake from Martha's Country Bakery because it's my birthday today.

green anjou

Anais Lee


I got a box of Holbein artist gouache. I am playing with it and thought I could add colored pencil on top of gouache paint. The result was, when I put colored pencil marks on it, I created dents instead of colors to the painting. The gouache paint also works differently than watercolor. I am still learning how to control it. 

Color-mixing is a challenge, too. It's much easier to pick colors from color swatch panel in Adobe Illustrator, or render with colored pencil. Apparently, I am more of a drawer than a painter. My goal is to paint more and combine drawing and painting together in my work. I got to practice more.

I have missed my "year of creative habits" project for about a week. I have been busy with work deadlines and other pressing projects. I wanted to keep up with it though. Maybe I should just scale it down, and start it small. So instead of finishing a "full page" drawing daily, I would just make "a small drawing" a day—A fruit, a dog, a flower, etc.

Autumn is here. It's the season to harvest pears. I am going to draw/paint a series of pear study for the next few days.

One pear at a time.


Anais Lee

Summer is over.

Many of my favorite fruits will be out of season soon. It's a good idea to stock up some and freeze them for Winter. Peach and other stone fruits are good fruits to make smoothies or frozen yogurt. Here is a quick drawing of the recipe. This is a green smoothie even though all the fruits used in it are yellow/orange color. It has a silky smooth texture and tastes really really good!

chinese okra

Anais Lee

I went to a Chinese supermarket near my place with a friend and discovered this funny veggie. It's called "Peng Hu silk squash" in Chinese. "Peng Hu" is a remote island from my home country Taiwan. I've eaten this veggie many times before, but have never bought and cooked a fresh one myself.

According to Serious Eats, this vegetable goes with many names in English: luffa, angled luffa, Chinese okra, and silk squash. When I saw my friend Feng was picking them up(they are super long!), I couldn't help but got one for myself, too.

It took me a while to peel it. I stirred fried it with some fish cakes (should use dried shrimp but I didn't have them in hand) . It tasted so fresh and sweet! 

It was fun to draw, too.


Anais Lee

One nice thing about making smoothies is that, I get to eat those veggies I don't usually eat. Like kale, for example. I don't know how to cook kale. But I know how to mix it with other fruits to make a delicious drink.

I wanted to try a different way to illustrate my recipe today. I took the photo of the smoothie and put it together with the drawings in Photoshop.

I used to like to crochet. The coaster in the photo was also made by me. And guess which book it is in the background?