100 Days of Tiny Drawing

I've been participating The 100 Day Project since April 6th. Each day, I will create a tiny drawing on a 6" by 6" paper with colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, or any other traditional art media. I didn't set a particular theme for this project, I just started with the subject I love–food, and anything related.

From the first week's drawings, you can tell how much I love coffee and desserts. I also drew the famous rice cooker that every Taiwanese family owns one. This is a good chance for me to get back to simple drawing. I don't need to worry about whether or not I am creating art that's commercial viable. I just simply enjoy the drawing process and the traditional media. 

If you'd like to participate this project yourself, here is how. I post the photo of my tiny drawing on Instagram and update my project page everyday. If you are interested in what I draw, please follow my Instagram or my project page

Happy creating!