My Surtex debut, and my next goals

From left to right: Yuhsuan, Susie, Me & Nina. We are ASNY Art Group.

I had my Surtex debut this year. It was a most valuable, fun, and stressful experience, and a dream came true! I was so lucky to exhibit with three artist friends of mine as a collective group. We not only shared a booth, also shared information and resource with each other. I can’t imagine how I could accomplish so much work if I did it alone. Thank you girls!

Ever since the first time I heard about “art licensing”, I’ve been collecting information, reading blog posts, taking webinars and online classes, and even walking the Surtex show floor for the past three years. But there’s nothing can compare to having a booth and exhibiting at Surtex myself. I was so glad to meet the clients that I’ve been working with, and many new clients and friends as well. People were very generous about sharing information and giving advice. I’ve learnt a lot about art licensing, the trends, and how to improve my art. Surtex is worth all the time and money I’ve put into!

Our booth

Now I took the experience and the things I've learnt to plan for the next year. Here is a list of goals that I'd like to accomplish.

  • Submit more artwork to the companies I'd love to work with. 
  • Create 25 to 50 new collections/illustrations before Surtex 2015. It's a collection per week or two.
  • Work on the book I’ve been planning to do. It’s an illustrated diary of my dog Punchy, narrated in his perspective. It will be written in Chinese with colored pencil illustrations.
  • Visit my family in Taiwan.

Plus all the freelance jobs I currently have, it sure looks like another busy year ahead of me!