2. Succulent 多肉小盆栽


Let's draw a succulent! 

  1. First draw a teardrop-shaped leaf with green as the center.
  2. Add leaves on the left and right sides.
  3. Draw more overlapping leaves on the top, make the leaves farther from the center smaller to  show a sense of distance.
  4. Now draw the leaves underneath the center leaf. Since our view is from the top of the plant about 45 degrees, make the leaves below a little shorter to show the perspective.
  5. Now draw the edge of the flower pot.
  6. Fill the middle with dark brown to make the soil.
  7. Draw the outline of the pot below.
  8. Add a pattern to the pot, and voila!

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Have fun!


  1. 先用綠色畫一個水滴形狀的葉子,做為中心。
  2. 在左右和上方添加葉子。
  3. 在上方畫出更多重疊的葉子,離中心的葉子越遠的,可以畫得小一點,表現出距離遠近的透視感。
  4. 現在畫中心葉片下方的葉子,由於我們的視角是從植物上方約45度角往下看,所以在下面的葉子要畫得短小一點,看起來才會像是散開的葉片。 
  5. 接著畫出花盆盆口的邊緣。
  6. 把花盆中間用深棕色填滿,畫出泥土。
  7. 下方畫出花盆盆身的輪廓。 
  8. 然後為花盆加上花紋,就完成了! 

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