mats bootcamp 2 – jello inspired patterns for bolt fabric


The Bootcamp assignment for March was to create bolt fabric patterns inspired by Jello molds and vintage desserts. When I saw the brief, I had the similar reaction as other bootcampers had – what? Jello?? But as soon as I did the image research on Jello, I understood why Lilla chose this subject for our assignment. It is fun and colorful, the shapes are interesting, it's nostalgic, and it's challenging to draw!

jello on pinterest

As usual, I started with mini icons. I played with colored pencil, markers, watercolor, and pencil sketches. In the beginning, I had struggled with accurately drawing the complex geometric shapes and the transparency of jelly. After some ugly sketches, I had loosened up a bit, just to focused on capturing the colorfulness of it. I also drew some objects that a vintage kitchen has. Everything started to be fun!  

mini icons with colored pencil and marker

more minis with pencil, pen, and watercolor pencil

Lilla's suggestion for the color palette this month, was muddy neutral colors and pale/pastel colors. I love these colors as I grew up with the influence of Japanese design, and Japanese tend to have a great soft color sense.

vectorized the hand drawings and played with the colors

I vectorized and colored my hand drawings in Illustrator, then made the pattern by using Pattern Tool and traditional method. This step took me a long time and I could only make one coordinated pattern before the deadline. But I am developing it into a collection now.

my submission

All the bootcampers' beautiful works are shown on MATS Bootcamp's online gallery. Check it out!