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cuckoo wonderland and mats bootcamp with lilla rogers

I am very excited to share a fun project I have been working on for the past few weeks. As some of you know that I attended Lilla Rogers' "Make Art that Sells" online class last year. I really enjoyed all the assignments she gave us. The fun continues in 2014 as I joined her new class "MATS Bootcamp" (designed by Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton of Do What You Love). Each month we are given an assignment for a specific art market. The one for February is to design an iPhone cover with "cuckoo clock" theme.

I found hundred's of cuckoo clocks on Google

Pinterest is my inspiration source

The process always starts with research and "icons". I've found so many cuckoo clock designs online and learnt how much craftsmanship to put into every handmade cuckoo clocks that produced at Black Forest Germany. I appreciated the beautiful details and wanted to include them in my drawings. 

My sketches of cuckoo clock

Drawing with brown color pencil

I loved the texture of colored pencil drawing. But I decided to create the final art with Illustrator so that I could experiment various color palettes. 

Lilla also provided us her secret on how to spot color trend and how to find color inspirations. When I visited Crate and Barrel last week I saw these colors appeared all over the store! 

I also created a quick hand lettered title for the presentation. Here is the final artwork I submitted to Bootcamp gallery using the trend palette.

I am glad that I joined MATS Bootcamp. The project is so fun and inspiring. Learning and creating along with over 400 talented artists from different countries is a great experience. So many creative cuckoo clock designs and illustrations have been created by us! Please visit Bootcamp gallery to see our artwork.