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Nature Archives

002 blue jay

Anais Lee

  • Blue Jays live in deciduous, coniferous, and mixed forests throughout the eastern and central areas of the United States, and southern Canada. 
  • They are especially fond of oak trees and the acorns that they drop. 
  • Blue jays typically form monogamous pairs and stay together for life. 
  • Blue jays will mimic the calls of predatory raptors in order to test whether or not their predators are nearby.

001 formosan black bear

Anais Lee

Formosan Black Bear, a native animal from my Country Taiwan. 

  • Formosan Black Bear lives in the mountainous forests in the eastern two-thirds of Taiwan at elevations of 1,000 m to 3,000 m (3,300 to 10,000 feet). 
  • They don’t hibernate in the winter. 
  • This species was listed as "endangered" under Taiwan's Wildlife Conservation Act. 
  • Its snout resembles a dog's, hence its nickname is "dog bear". 
  • On the chest, there is a distinctive yellowish or white mark that is shaped like a "V" character or a crescent moon. This earns it another nickname — "moon bear”.

a daily creative project

Anais Lee

Animals, flowers, plants, fungus and even bugs are my favorite things to draw. This is the reason why I chose the theme of fauna and flora for this year's #the100dayproject. It's an endless creative resource, and I will never run out of the ideas to draw, nor get bored of this subject matter.

I started an animal (with some kind of plants) drawing every day on April 4th. Initially, I planned to spend no more than 30 minutes for a drawing. However, I got lost in the research stage by all the interesting facts about animals and nature. It's facinating! More I learn about animals, more I respect and appreciate them. I decided that I not only make drawings but also write down what I learn about the animals.

I post my daily drawing project on my Instagram account; I also post them here in a more organize way, so that I can refer my creative and learning process and notes later. I hope that you would enjoy my little fauna and flora archive, too.