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green anjou

Anais Lee


I got a box of Holbein artist gouache. I am playing with it and thought I could add colored pencil on top of gouache paint. The result was, when I put colored pencil marks on it, I created dents instead of colors to the painting. The gouache paint also works differently than watercolor. I am still learning how to control it. 

Color-mixing is a challenge, too. It's much easier to pick colors from color swatch panel in Adobe Illustrator, or render with colored pencil. Apparently, I am more of a drawer than a painter. My goal is to paint more and combine drawing and painting together in my work. I got to practice more.

I have missed my "year of creative habits" project for about a week. I have been busy with work deadlines and other pressing projects. I wanted to keep up with it though. Maybe I should just scale it down, and start it small. So instead of finishing a "full page" drawing daily, I would just make "a small drawing" a day—A fruit, a dog, a flower, etc.

Autumn is here. It's the season to harvest pears. I am going to draw/paint a series of pear study for the next few days.

One pear at a time.