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New Pattern: Summer Delight

Anais Lee


Since June, I changed my daily schedule and way of working. I would get up early, take Punchy for a walk, come home to make a smoothie and coffee for breakfast, then start drawing. I resist the temptation to check email or Facebook before I create something.

I used to wait until the evening, stayed up late to do my own art projects; then I realized that I often got so tired and didn't have much creative energy left by the end of a day. Working in the morning makes me feel good. I feel that I accomplish something I really love and I can move on to do other "obligations" that day.  

Although it's hard to keep up with my daily morning drawing plan when I have other pressing projects/jobs going on. I would still like to draw whenever I can (and sometimes I write instead). 

All the "mini" drawings from my sketchbook will eventually become inspirations or design elements when I create a new pattern or illustration. Here is the new pattern I designed by using the "minis" from the daily drawing a few weeks ago. 

P.S. I take pictures of my sketchbook and post them on Instagram. If you are interested, please follow me at