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A drawing a day auction

A Drawing A Day Auction

Daily at 12pm, Monday through Friday


Terms & conditions

I will be auctioning and selling a drawing a day from Monday to Friday, starts on Thursday, May 18th. 

The drawings are created with colored pencils on 8” by 10” paper. The drawing measurements are various, approximately 3" x 5".  A mat board and a backing board are included to protect the artwork, and it’s ready for framing.


  1. From Monday to Friday, I will post a drawing on my Instagram account at noon daily for auction.
  2. Use the IG comment to make a bid.
  3. Bidding starts at $60 USD. 
  4. Bids of $5 increments and up.
  5. Shipping is free worldwide.
  6. Each auction runs for 24 hours, starts and ends at 12 pm Eastern Time.
  7. The highest bidder at end time wins. 
  8. Payment must be made within 24 hours or drawing will be sold to the previous bidder.
  9. I will contact the winner via Instagram direct message for payment and shipping details. 
  10. Payment to be made via PayPal or credit card.
  11. Any drawings that have not sold will be listed on my online shop and can still be purchased.  

Happy bidding!

Visit and follow me on Instagram @anaislee

從5月18日開始,星期一星期五的每天中午,我會發佈一件畫作到我的Instagram帳號拍賣。這些畫作都是用色鉛筆完成,紙張尺寸為8” x 10”,畫作尺寸不一,大約為3" x 5"。每件作品附帶襯框和襯紙版保護畫作,因此可以直接放入畫框中。


  1. 每週一到週五的中午,畫作會公佈在我的Instagram帳號。
  2. 利用IG的留言功能下標。
  3. 起標為$60美金。
  4. 每一次以美金$5的倍數下標。
  5. 全球免運費。
  6. 每一次拍賣的期限為24小時,從每日中午12點開始,到隔日中午12點結束。
  7. 出價最高者得標。
  8. 得標者須在24小時內付款,否則畫作將賣給前一位出價者。
  9. 我會利用IG私訊聯絡得標者,交換付款和寄送畫作的資訊。
  10. 可用PayPal或信用卡付款。
  11. 未售出的作品將會放在我的網路商店販售。